We aim to make the finest cured meats and salamis in the UK! The pigs we produce in this country are the best in the world and by using the best of these British pigs and building on traditional European curing techniques, we believe we have the foundations for world class charcuterie.

At the core of our business is a whole animal butchery approach. Using as much of the animal as possible, and therefore reducing waste, is an obvious benefit to us all and should be at the heart of any food business. Moreover, it allows us far more connection to the provenance of the animals. The pigs we use are mature, rare breed, guilts which come to us once they have achieved a specific size making them the best possible choice for charcuterie production and helping us keep our offering as consistent as possible.

 We make our products with professional kitchens in mind always ensuring the finest quality and highest consistency. We supply many top restaurants, delis and farm shops as well as selling our products to food lovers around the UK via farmers markets and our online store.

Ben Dulley - Founder

I founded SaltPig in 2016 after a career working as a chef in some of the best kitchens in the country.

My desire for excellence led me to experiment with curing. I felt the need to understand every element of the produce I was using in my dishes. Rather than buying in prepared cuts of meat with little or no idea of provenance, I worked with local farmers and broke down whole animals giving me far more knowledge and skills and surplus meat to cure and hang.

This element of kitchen life soon became the part I most looked forward to and it was this, coupled with a desire to build a life and business around my then young family, that prompted me to leave the kitchen life behind. After building on my existing knowledge, with time spent in Italy, France and Spain I opened the doors to SaltPig Curing Company.

Andrej Kobzev– Production Director

My passion for authentic, robust flavours has always been the driving force behind my food ethos. Growing up in Lithuania with its strong eastern European tradition of cured meats and smoked sausages means these foods are not just ingredients to me but part of my DNA.

Joining SaltPig was a natural step for me. I had worked with Ben during my career as a chef and our mutual dedication to quality have been pivotal in our mission to craft the finest charcuterie available.

The Team

We couldn’t produce our range without our hard working team.

Niall has been helping us develop for around 4 years now and is integral to our weekly cycle of butchery, curing, sausage making and ageing. Like the rest of us he has had a previous life as a chef and has the work ethic and food skills necessary for such a role.

Luc is a more recent addition to the production team and also brings with him a passion for great food and decades of experience as a chef at the highest level. We knew we were on the right track when he proudly took a haul of our goodies back to his extended family in France to show off!

Perhaps most important of all is Sally, the only one of us who knows how to use a computer! Sally runs the office and keeps everything working as it should whilst the rest of us play with knives.