Award winning artisan charcuterie

Handmade in the Cotswolds using whole, rare breed, mature pigs.


Handmade Artisan Cured Meats

100% British

Unrivalled Cotswolds Quality


Nose to Tail Ethos
Locally Produced Artisan Meats

SaltPig Curing Company

We are a small award-winning artisanal company located in the Cotswolds, which has been set up from a chef’s perspective, and aims to create the best salamis and cured meats in the UK.

Our story

Meet the Founder

Ben Dulley, a chef renowned for his pursuit of culinary perfection, transitioned from bustling restaurant kitchens to establish SaltPig Curing Company.

His quest for knowledge took him across Italy, France, and Spain, refining his skills and passion for artisanal curing. Today, SaltPig stands as a testament to Ben's culinary journey, embodying his dedication to excellence and family-centered living.

What our customers say...
What our customers say...
SaltPig charcuterie is absolutely fantastic quality. As someone who makes their own salumi I appreciate the standards that are in place to create a product that is this good at this scale.
— Brad Carter, Carters Restaurant (One Michelin star)
What our customers say...
My friends have become spoiled by the taste of their signature salami and always compliment it. Their lardons have become the only brand that I put in my pasta dishes.
— Pimlico London Farmers Market Customer
What our customers say...
Having run delis, and spent much time in Italy and Sardinia, it's fantastic to find an English producer who produces possibly the best charcuterie I've ever tasted.
— Tom Beeston, Rare Breed Survival Trust, CEO
What our customers say...
We have been buying cured pork off Ben at SaltPig for years now and I can honestly say it is without doubt some of the best I’ve ever tasted rivalling many of its European counter parts. I would recommend SaltPig any day of the week.
— Alex Bond, Chef Director Alchemilla Restaurant

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