Cook up the perfect roast dinner with a little help from us. Four products to really set the bar for your family feast!

Smoked Streaky Bacon

We dry cure and then hang our bacon to age. This really intensifies the flavour!

Use a rolling pin to flatten and lengthen each rasher, cut them in half and wrap a chipolata in each half rasher. Secure with half a cocktail stick.

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Smoked Whipped Lardo

The best fat from our rare breed pigs is salted, smoked and whipped. Best served spread on some good bread or used in cooking.

Use ½ the jar on a chicken, push it under the skin on the breast and then smear it all over the bird. It will enrich the meat and keep the breast moist and juicy.

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Leaf Lard

Pure rendered flare fat from rare breed pigs makes this product prized for making the lightest and flakiest pastry. It is also perfect for roasting potatoes.

Get it smoking hot first for the best results.

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Smoked Belly Lardons

The soft, creamy fat from our rare breed pigs is perfectly balanced with black pepper and applewood smoke.

Fry this pancetta off with your sprouts to ensure everyone wants seconds!

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